Cherry's Three Pillars for Cultivating Happy Employees Are:

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Create a work environment that welcomes questions, ideas, and fun.

A few years ago, we literally made our office an “open door” environment by taking all of our doors off their hinges. This unconventional exercise helped our employees quickly become comfortable with approaching management with ideas and concerns. Today, our lab remains a relaxed environment with open communication. We have lots of fun on the job, but make no mistake: we take our optics very seriously.

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Support employees in and outside of work.

The Cherry culture is built to ensure that no employee feels like a cog in the wheel. While lots of companies tout “work / life balance”, our leadership firmly believes in the importance of family. This includes both treating employees like family and ensuring they have what’s needed to take care of their own. An environment in which employees can respect and feel respected by their coworkers is truly important to us.

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Sustain our employees with competitive pay, benefits, and continued education.

We’re all about giving our customers more ways to say “yes” to their patients. To be the best partner possible, we want our team members to be industry experts and have the ability to understand and empathize with the challenges and realities eyewear professionals face on a daily basis. We offer employees the opportunity to pursue industry certifications - including the ABO-Certification. This is why our customers don’t just talk about our process, but about our people.

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