What’s New University: ABO Technical vs. General Credits & Recently Approved Courses

In the past few weeks, we have had a group of requests on how to determine ABO Technical vs. General Credits. Thank you all for your patience; we do have 7 courses left in pending status of which we hope to have an update by the end of next week. Here is the current list of Technical Courses.
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ABO – NCLE Technical Level 1:

  • 2-1: Winter Sun Protection
  • 2-6: New Scleral Multifocal Lens - Introduction to Multifocal GP Lenses (NCLE)
  • 4-2: Blue Perspective
  • 4-12: All I Want Are Contacts (NCLE)
  • 5-6: Crizal Prevencia No Glare Lenses

ABO – NCLE Technical Level 2:

  • 1-6: New Evolutionary Scleral Lens Design -Introduction to Gas Permeable Lenses for the Irregular Cornea (NCLE)
  • 1-10: Digital Dispensing in the Modern Dispensary
  • 1-12: Hoya Position of Wear & Compensated RX's
  • 2-2: Utilizing Personal Space Lenses
  • 3-8: Dispensing to the Aging Eye
  • 4-1: Digital Ray-Path: Advanced Lens Designs for Better Vision
  • 5-1: Night Vision

Updated Course Approvals!

The following Courses are now (also) COPE Approved:

  • 1-9: The Optical Lab: A New Look at an Old Friend
  • 2-9: Embracing the Dawn of Blue Light: Clinical Strategies To Protect Your Patients
  • 3-7: Has Your Fraud IQ Kept Pace With Your Fraud Risk?
  • 4-3: Social Media Essentials
  • 4-6: Transition Planning
  • 4-8: Building Your Blue Light Practice

The following Course is now ABO Approved:

  • 1-3 & 3-1: Tools to Clean Up the Mess

The following Courses are now (also) AOA/CPC Approved:

  • 4-3: Social Media Essentials
  • 4-12: All I Want Are Contacts
  • 5-4: If Not You, Who?
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