What’s in a shape? A lot!

Dear Uncut Customers,
Please include frame names as well as B & ED measurements when ordering lenses; it makes a big difference. One of our favorite things to read on an order is “make as thin as possible.” It always makes us chuckle because it’s not as if we make lenses a little bit thicker for the heck of it. The only way we can make lenses “as thin as possible” is when we have all the information necessary to do so. For jobs we are going to edge, this is never a problem because we can wait for the frame to arrive, when need be, to get the exact shape before digital surfacing. However, for uncut orders, we don’t have that luxury. Standard procedure when processing an uncut order is to search our database of shapes (jobs that we have previously traced and edged) to find the exact frame and size to match that which you will be edging to. When we have the full frame name, manufacturer, eye size, and bridge size, we can assign the proper shape to your order. This information allows us to produce the absolute thinnest possible lens for that particular combination (Rx, material, de-centration, etc.). But what if you can’t get the frame name or we’ve never traced and edged that frame style? That's where having accurate Eye, DBL, B & ED measurements comes into play. Having this information allows us to find a shape that is very close or close-enough to the shape you’ll be producing. Even with a slight variance between actual and a “close-enough” shape; results are dramatically improved. Here is a real-world example: Order arrives for UNCUTs; frame name provided, but a frame shape had not been assigned to the order: Graphical representation of a generic “box-measurement” shape that would be used if we did not have the exact shape in our database or B & ED were not provided to allow us to find a close-enough shape: Check this out! Now we went into the database and found the actual shape: What a difference! Thickest edge reduced by 0.7mm and thickest center reduced by 0.6. You can really see the reduction in the profile of the lens. Keep in mind, the weight (i.e.; comfort) of the more accurately produced lens will be improved as well. Reasons why frame name + B & ED are so important:
  • Ensures production of the thinnest possible lenses
  • Allows proper edge thickness on grooved and drilled rimless uncuts
  • Guarantees fastest possible turn time for both uncut and edged orders
  • Provides best corridor length when ordering a variable length freeform progressive design
  • Eliminates phone calls requesting missing data
  • Makes Customer Service happy
The takeaway from this lesson isn’t that we want to create more work for you. The takeaway is that we need this information to produce the best, thinnest and lightest possible lenses. Or, as we like to say at Cherry Optical, Inc; allow us to Produce Vision to the Highest Definition. Regards, Adam Cherry