Vision Expo East 2024 - Thank You, NYC & Winners!

Vision Expo East 2024 - Thank You, NYC & Winners!

Walking to the Javits Center for the last VEE in NYC and feeling the buzz and the excitement of our industry peers is memorable in and of itself! You do not often get to be surrounded by such an enormous crowd of like-minded people, let alone for that many days in a row. It was unforgettable, from the variety of frames and lens technology to the cutting-edge machinery and the many other solutions available to aid in patient care.

Being a part of VEE is an amazing experience, and I’m not sure I have the vocabulary to describe how it impacted me. So, instead, I’ll say this: I am beyond proud of Cherry Optical Lab and all the amazing people behind this company, and I will do my best to share your compliments with our team. To quote one of our Sales Team members, Paige, “The three days in the booth at Vision Expo were spent interacting with people from around the country, many of whom stopped by to share how much they love Cherry and are so impressed with the quality, service, and craftsmanship they experience when receiving their orders from COL. Others stopped by because they had heard “nothing but good things” about what Cherry has to offer and how we’re different [better wink-wink] than your run-of-the-mill Lab – it was a bit of a love fest!” All in all, it was an honor to hear all of the positive feedback and be able to bring it back to the team.

At this event, we were nonstop, moving, mingling, and laughing. The excitement continued into our dinner events, which we shared with some of our customers. I am grateful I could share one-on-one time with our customers. We enjoyed delicious food, shared wonderful stories, and were able to strengthen our relationships outside of office hours. I can honestly say I understand the world better from the ECP's perspective after listening to their trials, tribulations, and successes, and I am grateful for a look behind the scenes.

Aside from the show and dinners, a few team members and I were able to join Adam and a few of our new friends from Tom Davies at their exclusive social event. This was one of the first opportunities we had to take in the skyline and take a moment to reflect on the experience. Tom brought in a band that played some incredible blues music, and it was nice to put a “Cherry” on top (pun intended) of our new relationship. We’re excited to see the benefits of this partnership grow and can’t wait to share more as it develops. Overall, VEE 2024 was another spectacular event for Cherry, and I am thankful I was able to be a part of it.

Sara Gerondale -
Public Relations

Vision Expo East 2024 was another one for the books! We were blown away at the attendance and level of enthusiasm from all our booth visitors; thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

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