Varilux® Award of Excellence & X-Cel Outstanding Achievement Award

"The only award worth winning in the optical industry is the Varilux Distributor of the Year, and not only have we done it back to back, we're proud to say this is our fourth win in the last six years." - Adam Cherry
It's official, Cherry Optical, Inc has been named back to back Varilux Laboratory of the Year! We're excited to announce this is our fourth win - 2010, 2012, 2015 & 2016 as we're continuing to lead the industry in innovation. There may be larger optical labs, but the technology and capability at Cherry Optical, Inc ensure no one is better. We’ve worked hard to stay at the front of a changing technological landscape. From being one of the first to produce and distribute superior Trivex lens material to now being 100% digital, 100% milling and the only laboratory to offer a Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy; we have clearly staked our claim as a market leader. This year, not only were we acknowledged with the Essilor IDD Varilux Award of Excellence, we brought home the X-Cel Outstanding Achievement Award for our 57% year-over-year increase in Trivex sales. As proud as we are of these team accomplishments, we'd also like to take a moment to celebrate two individual successes accomplished by our Sales Representatives. We'd like to congratulate Bill Lee and Michelle Pepin on being the Top 2 EyeSell App Point Earners for 2016. Finally, we want to say thank you. Thank you to those of you who believe in us - our capabilities, knowledge, and products - it's your confidence and support that provided us the opportunity to succeed in the first place.