True Freedom

True Freedom

We, like most other businesses, shut our doors this past holiday, as we do other holidays, but the Fourth of July holds a significance unshared by any other – independence. Independence, true freedom, is the foundation of America, and those who build upon that foundation find the strength and perseverance to overcome obstacles. By overcoming many obstacles, the Cherry’s successfully created Cherry Optical, Inc.

Humble Beginnings

Unsatisfied with the path they were on and turned off by the limitations of previous employers, the Cherry's envisioned starting an innovative, service-driven and fiercely-competitive Independent laboratory, and that's exactly what they did. In a moment Joe calls “an awakening," he and Lynn took a leap of faith together and opened in 1999 with a business model that excluded the possibility of failure. The company started with two employees and two edgers and grew into a leading independent optical laboratory through open communication, integrity, superior-quality products and a focus on continued education. These are the same qualities we rely on today.

Declaration of Independence

As an independently-owned, wholesale laboratory, our job is to offer an unbiased view of what’s going on in the marketplace and to share this information in a manner that is easily communicated from eye care professionals onto their patients. Standing behind only our products was no longer enough for Adam, he had the vision to provide our customers with even more assistance. As a direct result, we have updated our Truly Unlimited Warranty to help our eye care professionals persevere without interference.

How can we make a no fault warranty better you might ask? That’s simple – by increasing the ECP's ability to assist patients, growing their business, and giving them true freedom. We guarantee our partners will benefit when they no longer have to tell their patients “No.” In turn, patients receive the personalized care they both deserve and expect without hassle. “We believe in the future of Independent eye care, and we are here to support those that support us in all ways we can.” Adam Cherry – Owner & President of Cherry Optical, Inc

Learn more about the expansion of our Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy and what it means for you here.