The 2018 Courses for What's New University Are Up and Running!

The 2018 Courses for What's New University Are Up and Running!
Please visit to learn more about the event, view itinerary and courses, register for classes and book accommodations.
Registration Instructions:
All of the courses are listed online in the Quick Look Reference Sheet, and in an inline table. To view a more detailed description of a course, click on the individual course in the table. A new page will open which includes a course summary, presenter, CE approvals, and the duration of the course. Of note, there are five 2-hour courses available, please ensure you do not register for overlapping classes. Additionally, courses that are listed as "Pending" will be updated upon news from the presenter. Ready to register? Use the following link to get started and fill out the form on the bottom of the Courses & Registration Page. Once submitted an email will auto-generate with a list of your courses. (Please note, we will no longer accept faxed in Registration forms.) If you have questions about how to register, please reach out to your Sales Rep or contact our Customer Service Team at (920) 469-2559.
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