Ship Happens

Ship Happens

What’s the point of using a great lab if you don’t get your orders quickly? At Cherry Optical, Inc., our shipping department provides our customers with a variety of services to make sure their jobs come in and go out as fast as possible.


Most frames that are either mailed or sent via UPS are received in the morning, usually by 930AM. From there, our shipping department opens the boxes and sort the contents- new orders go to customer service for data entry and frames for existing orders get sorted by tray number and their location within the lab. A staff member continually takes the received frames and ensures via a system of multiple checks that they are placed with the correct order, as well as verifies that the frame measurements and bevel style matches the order in process.


When orders pass final inspection and wash-up, the completed jobs are brought to shipping. In shipping, there is a final check to ensure the job is correct and then the jobs are placed inside their shipping bag with their invoice. The bagged jobs are then sorted into bins, with each customer having their own bin to prevent mis-ships. At the end of the day, bins are boxed up one at a time and contents rechecked when the box is sealed and shipping label is applied. Then your orders are on their way to you!

Return Labels

Our shipping department is responsible for sending our no-charge return labels to your practice. These labels are provided so you don’t have to take time to deal with purchasing shipping labels directly from the post office or UPS.

Frame To Come Tags

These are the white tags with two holes to place a frame’s temple through. Use these frame tags with your account number and patient’s name to help us locate the order in process quickly to expedite the job. If using VisionWeb or RxWizard, a frame packing slip is available to accompany frames being sent in.

RX Forms

One form or two? You can order one or two-part RX forms. One-part forms are perfect for offices that may have their own copies or use a computer, where as two-part forms are great if you want to retain a duplicate of the order you sent to us. You can have either type- it’s your preference!

Cleaning Cloths

We get a ton of cleaning cloths, so what better to do with them than give them to you? If you would like cloths for your own in-clinic use or to give to patients, let us know and we will provide them in your next shipment.

To reorder any of the above items, simply call customer service or place a note in your next outgoing package to us.