Raptor Lens: The Ultimate in Any Light

Raptor Lens: The Ultimate in Any Light
VCPN's Extreme Closeup - Raptor Lens: The Ultimate in Any Light

Features of the Raptor Transitions Lenses:

  • Raptor lenses are made of medical grade blue-blocking and UV treatments for visible contrast at any condition. Our lenses are Non-Polarized as not to interfere with instruments or computer screens. Raptor lenses are designed to allow Hunters/Shooters to have vision indoors, outdoors and in dark locations without masked darkness, which is a common effect of traditional polarized sunwear.
  • Protection Provided Outdoors - The lens color will ultimately transition from light yellow to a dark amber/ brown, based on the amount of direct light/bright sun. Great for early morning/later evening, or dark cloudy conditions.
  • Protection in the Car & Indoors - The color of the Raptor lens will maintain a consistent light yellow in the car, or indoors.
  • Raptor lenses also provide expanded vision in challenging weather and light conditions including; fog, snow, rain, and night driving. Regarding night driving, not only will wearer’s experience less eye strain, you will notice that the varying colors of headlamps now match and have become more calming vs. an aggressive distorting glare. Excellent for Lasik patients with night vision challenges.
  • Raptor lenses are equipped with a trademarked backside anti-reflection treatment to increase the visual field further and eliminate reflection and ricocheting light within the lens.
  • Made out of, “Trivex” - a PPG product, the most optically pure base material, Raptor lenses also provide an ultimate safety quality as a standard feature.
  • Made out of “Transitions”- a PPG product, can be produced in most all materials, but strongly suggested not to use Poly due to optics issues.