Quality and Service Delivered Daily Pt. 5

Lens Inspection & Finish Blocking at Cherry Optical, Inc: This video will show the A&R (Automation and Robotics) MBVP; a fully automated lens inspection and finish blocking machine.

When lenses are ready to be inspected, they are sent to Cherry Optical, Inc’s ultra-precise A&R MBVP and Focovision SPV-2 systems. These machines will inspect the lenses in a unique way that makes the process extremely accurate and efficient. The prescription, prism and add power (when applicable) are read in a matter of seconds by a series of light beams transmitted through the lens at the proper reference points. Optical power is accurately measured to 0.02 diopter.
Catch up on the "Quality and Service Delivered Daily Series". Videos included review our customer service, massive inventory, and take you on a tour through processes happening at our on-site AR Facility and Digital Surfacing Lab.
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