Quality and Service Delivered Daily Pt. 3

The “Front End” of Digital Surfacing: This video will show the first few steps used in the digital and freeform surfacing of optical lenses.
Cherry Optical, Inc began 100% digital surfacing over 10 years ago, which allows us to manufacture lenses at a much higher degree of precision. Through digital surfacing, Cherry Optical, Inc can produce numerous freeform lens designs. As early adopters of freeform technology and digital surfacing equipment, Cherry’s experience is unique - nearly 100% of our progressive lenses are freeform designs. Lenses processed on-site include Carl Zeiss Vision, Crossbows, IOT, Hoya, Seiko, Shamir, Shaw Vision, Signet Armorlite – Kodak, Essilor, and Varilux Designs.
Catch up on the "Quality and Service Delivered Daily Series". Videos included review our customer service, massive inventory, and take you on a tour through processes happening at our on-site AR Facility.
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