Pigskin Pick'em 2023

Pigskin Pick'em 2023

Join "Cherry Optical Lab Pickers" for your chance to Win Weekly Prizes!

Pigskin Pick'em is completely FREE and a fun opportunity for our current Eye Care Professionals to win awesome prizes through Cherry Optical Lab. Check out the prizes below!

WEEKLY WINNER: A $100 Mastercard Gift Card

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: 4 x Tickets, Hotel Accommodations & Flights to a 2024 Green Bay Packers regular-season home game; a total package valued at $5,000!

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Game Reminders:

1. Our group is private and, at one point, may require a password. If prompted, please use the following password: lenses. Hopefully, by using the link below, you'll be able to bypass the password requirement stages.

2. You may invite your coworkers to play, but please keep in mind that we'd like this group to stay limited to current practicing eye care professionals. Otherwise, if you want to keep your odds in your favor, go to the next step. ;)

3. Weekly winners will be announced via email from "ESPN Fantasy Football." If you are one of the weekly winners, you will need to request your prize by emailing design@cherryopticallab.com with:

  • Your Name
  • ESPN Username
  • Business Name and Street Address
ESPN Fantasy Football only allows us to view your ESPN username; by sending us the information above, we'll be able to verify your information and provide you with your winnings sooner!

It's that easy. Contact Brian with questions regarding sign-ups or tie breakers: bbaker@cherryopticallab.com
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Returning Players: Skip to STEP 6
If prompted for Group Password use: lenses
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