Our 2016 Zeiss Trial Results Are In!

Our 2016 Zeiss Trial Results Are In!
The results of our Zeiss Trial were overwhelmingly positive - 310 out of 332 Participants would Recommend Zeiss Lenses!
Here are some of the highlights. Feedback on the Zeiss Individual® 2 PAL:
  • "I could see the difference in clarity immediately."
  • "My third progressive; it's the most comfortable."
  • "Zeiss lens is astonishingly superb, exceeds expectations."
  • "Tried another brand recently, and was surprised how good these were."
Feedback on the Zeiss Individual Single Vision:
  • "No distortion peripherally, overall clarity is excellent."
  • "This brand is clearer than others I have worn."
  • "Good optics, very crisp vision."
  • "Love the crisp colors I see."
Thank you to all of the eye care professionals that were involved in our trial, this information absolutely supports our confidence in the Zeiss brand. We look forward to seeing your success grow with the use of the Zeiss family of lenses. If you have any questions about the Zeiss Portfolio, please contact your Sales Representative or our fantastic Customer Service team (920) 469-2559 or customerservice@cherryopticalinc.com.