NEW Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized Available through COL

NEW Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized Available through COL


Welcome to the extra comfort of Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized lenses. These lenses start clear indoors, darken moderately in the car, and achieve extra darkness and become polarized outdoors in the sun.


For light-sensitive patients, Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized lenses are the ultimate everyday solution for eye comfort, because they provide extra protection from bright light indoors, in the car, and outdoors, as well as reduce sunlight glare outdoors.


Transitions XTRActive® Polarized® lenses use a breakthrough, exclusive, multi-layer matrix which hosts new Transitions® XTRActive® broad-spectrum dyes for more darkness with new ultra-fast dichroic dyes that selectively absorb light waves in one direction for polarization.

  • Clear indoors & at night
  • Extra darkness outdoors in sunlight
  • Up to 90% polarization efficiency outdoors in sunlight
  • Darkens moderately in the car
  • Faster fade back than Transitions® Vantage®
  • Designed for high-glare situations
  • Sharper vision due to glare reduction
  • Bright, vivid color perception
  • Great for light-sensitive patients
  • 1.50 SFSV Gray
  • Polycarbonate SFSV Gray
  • 1.67 SFSV Gray
Transitions and XTRActive are registered trademarks and the Transitions logo is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc., used under license by Transitions Optical Limited. Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure, and lens material.