NEW! Premium Tribrid Lens Material - Available Now at Cherry Optical, Inc

Cherry Optical, Inc is excited to deliver something truly unique and beneficial to our leading Independent eye care professional customers; Tribrid lens material.
Tribrid is a premium performance lens material that combines excellent optical quality (ABBE 41), lightweight (1.23 g/cm specific gravity), thinness (1.60 index of refraction) and strength (up to 5X more impact resistant than other high index lens materials). Tribrid also blocks 100% of harmful ultra-violet radiation. Tribrid is the perfect lens material for Rxs of +/- 3D to +/- 7D. PPG Industries is the company that developed Tribrid. PPG is one of the leading global manufacturers of specialty chemical products used in the production of optical lenses. In the optical industry, PPG contributed with developing CR-39, the first commercially successful plastic lens material, launched Trivex material and manufactures photochromic dyes used for Transitions lenses. With the develop of Tribrid, PPG has now delivered the first optical material that balances performance, thinness, and optical quality perfectly. Cherry Optical, Inc believes that Tribrid will be an outstanding option for Independent eye care professionals that are looking to differentiate their material offerings and protect their price integrity. Utilizing premium Trivex lens material for low Rxs, Tribrid for mid-range Rxs and 1.67-1.74 for high Rxs will ensure you are offering the highest tech and top performing lens materials available. The commoditization of plastic and polycarbonate lens material is real. By providing only high tech lens material, you can deliver the performance, and optical quality patients want. Tribrid isn’t about simply being different; it’s about providing a never-before-available level of performance. Tribrid_LogoTribrid is available in an extremely wide variety of digital freeform single vision and progressive designs. With our on-site AR production, we can apply top performance AR treatments to Tribrid. Contact Customer Service at 920-469-2559 or check out RxWizard for full availability. Tribrid is currently available in clear only, with Transitions coming later this year. Tribrid is the same price as 1.60 lens material at Cherry Optical, Inc. More information will come. You are encouraged to reach out us to get started with Tribrid today.
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