NEW! Eyezen+ 0 Design Available July 11, 2017

NEW! Eyezen™+ 0 Design FAQs

What is the new Eyezen+ 0 design?
The current Eyezen+ designs provide accommodative relief in the bottom of each lens to help defend against digital eye strain. The accommodative support increases with each design (1, 2 or 3) and each is recommended based on the patient’s age (18 to 50 years old). The Eyezen+ 0 design will be recommended for patients under age 18. Similar to the Eyezen+ 1, 2, and 3 designs, the Eyezen+ 0 design will be digitally surfaced and optimized to a patient’s Rx to provide outstanding distance vision. However, the Eyezen+ 0 design does not contain accommodative relief. For Eyezen+ 0, eye strain relief will be provided by the Smart Blue Filter™ feature’s ability to decrease exposure to Harmful Blue Light by at least 20%.
Are ECPs limited to using the Eyezen+ 0 design with patients under age 18?
As with the other Eyezen+ designs, ECPs are free to use their discretion in recommending the designs. The Eyezen+ age recommendation for each design is based on established research of the accommodative system.
Will the Eyezen+ 0 design require a fitting height like the other Eyezen+ designs?
Yes. Optimal performance with aspheric single vision lenses like Eyezen+ lenses requires a fitting height. Fitting measurements for all Eyezen+ designs will remain the same.
Is the Eyezen+ 0 design launching in all distribution channels?
No. The 0 design will only be available on Eyezen+ lenses, which is exclusive to the independent ECP.
What will the Eyezen+ 0 design cost?
Eyezen+ 0 lenses are priced the same as the rest of the Eyezen+ family. Please reach out to your Sales Representative or our Customer Service team with any questions.