Meet the People Behind WNU 2018! Part 2

Meet the People Behind WNU 2018!  Part 2
There is a great vision that goes into WNU, a view driven by a desire for excellence, customer service and the highest quality in opticianry. Adam Cherry is the driving visionary behind WNU, continuing a legacy that began with the founding of Cherry Optical, Inc. Adam was born and raised in the industry and is leading Cherry Optical into a vibrant future. But, there is so much that you don't know. Adam is well known to play as hard as he works, and he works really HARD! It is not uncommon to see him in the office before most of the day shift, and popping in and out on evenings and weekends, depending on what is going on. He can run the various machinery that we use in production and is a great problem-solver when one acts up. It is not unheard of to find him in Surface working through an issue, dropping in at AR, or checking in at Finish or Logistics. Even his play is energy driven. He is an avid fisherman and participates intensely in various fishing competitions. If you can't find him in the office, you are just as likely to find him gone fishing, traveling, or attending events. Another critical feature of Adam Cherry, that directly impacts the work we do at Cherry Optical, is that Adam seems to have an innate ability to see into people, to see a vision of a person that they don't see in themselves, and he often actively presents opportunities for growth. In most cases, he will never mention it, but the opportunity is made, and if someone chooses to take advantage of it, Adam is right there to support them! If you sit back and watch over time, you see that he is always watching. He still wants to know what makes his people tick, and what they may want to grow into. This trait has encouraged many employees to step out of their comfort zones and pursue challenges that they may not otherwise have attempted. Because of this, Cherry Optical tends to have excellent employee retention, and most employees grow in their profession while they are with Cherry. This longevity pays off in the teamwork and support you see in our facilities. So, when you see the drive and energy at Cherry Optical, Inc. and WNU, you know one of the primary sources is Adam Cherry. This is a tremendous feature that sets us apart and is paving the way for a vibrant future!