March Statement Offer

March Statement Offer

Dear Eye Care Professionals,

As the major part of Cherry Optical Lab’s plan to weather the COVID-19 disaster, we need to ensure we collect on the orders we’ve completed. However, we are not blind to the impact the disaster is having on your businesses. Therefore, we are making two offers available to ensure our customers realize the lowest possible price for the orders completed and received during March 2020.

Click here to view Statement Payment Options for March 2020.

If I had a billion dollars in the bank, I would personally extend an offer of deferred payments; but I don’t. Collecting on orders we’ve completed is highly essential to Cherry Optical Lab’s ability to weather this mess. It was equally important that we provide some form of assistance to our customers. We feel our offer provides real, additional cost reductions to those that pay on or before 04/15/2020 while also protecting your discounts if extra time is necessary for your financial planning.

Please contact your Cherry Sales Representative, Kim ( or 920-469-2559 x 2) or myself with questions about this offer. We won’t have the exact value of standard and additional discounts until 04/01/2020, but we can estimate to assist you with your planning.

Adam Cherry
President COL