Managing Vision Instead of the Books

Managing Vision Instead of the Books

A note from Adam Cherry on Wipfli's FAO Services

OUTSOURCED ACCOUNTING SOLUTION Optical Industry Colleagues, For the past 13 years, Cherry Optical, Inc has worked with Wipfli CPAs and Consultants for our business accounting needs. Wipfli has done an outstanding job of providing us excellent accounting services during the times Cherry Optical, Inc encountered challenges and through our continued growth. They support our vision and enable us to implement strategies that boost our success. Most noticeable has been our utilization of their Financial Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) service. Outsourcing has become a scary word in some instances, but in this instance it has proven to be extremely valuable to our business. FAO provides us personalized support with a hometown feel and the power of 24/7 operations. At its core, FAO processes and pays all vendor bills, reconciles bank and credit card statements and prepares timely and highly accurate financial reports for your business. In combination with our team at Wipfli, Cherry Optical, Inc is able to easily process, post and pay our vendors while also being extremely proactive and in control of cash management. FAO allows us to stay focused on our customers and the manufacturing of optical lenses instead of sifting through stacks of statements and invoices or “playing CPA” in QuickBooks. We are Laboratory Opticians, not accountants. This letter is a referral and a recommendation to take a look at Wipfli’s FAO services for your business. FAO is not just for large businesses, it's for businesses that want to be successful at what they do. FAO service fees are dependent upon the scale of your business and are less than you’d expect. Cherry Optical, Inc is extremely confident that Wipfli’s FAO services would be beneficial for many of you. We encourage you to reach out to Carrie Larsen today to get started (920) 662-2845. Wipfli is offering a free business assessment review for all callers and a discounted rate for all first-year engagements. Regards, Adam Cherry

You read more about our strategy and the benefits of our partnership via the link below.

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