Leveraging Our Brand & You Can Too

Cherry Social LogoLeveraging the Cherry Optical, Inc Brand

A quote from Wendy Salle continues to resonate with us; “A customer is not dependent on us; we are dependent on them. A customer is not an interruption of our work. He is the reason for it.” This is a powerful statement on its own, and consistently implementing this mentality relates back to our brand in a big way. At Cherry Optical, Inc we believe we are all in this together, so let’s get to know one another better. Our customers, competitors, and partners have helped shape us into who we are today and we’re better for it. At Cherry Optical, Inc, we tend to steer away from attacking our competition, instead, we embrace them. We’re an independent, family owned, optical laboratory that is proud of who we are. Rather than smearing the name of our competitors, we do our best to learn from them. However, that’s not where the studying stops. In order to have a comprehensive view of the industry we believe we need all related opinions. Therefore, education is something we both encourage and continue to sponsor on a regular basis as part of our brand. We are continually looking for ways to assist in the education of our customers, the public, and our peers. Cherry Optical, Inc’s What’s New University, which will be held at Lambeau Field on MarcWNU Headerh 19th, 2016, is the nation's largest one-day optical industry event. We sponsor this event to provide continuing education, networking opportunities and the chance to unite with and hear from our industry peers. There are all sorts of ways to grow your brand; get a mascot, partner with others in the industry, strengthen your online presence, utilize direct marketing and referral programs, etc. Cherry Optical, Inc stands behind the power of networking and strengthening partnerships. Not only do we encourage our ECP’s to schedule a tour and training session at our lab, we urge them to send their Frame and Lens Reps in for the same treatment. If there is a service we’ve used that our customers could benefit from, you bet we issue a “Cherry Approved” suggestion. Need help strengthening your online presence, accounting resources and/or claims management? We can help you. Our mascot, Pause, the office dog works with us part time and is a source of comfort, happiness, and silliness. Life got you feeling a little stressed? A quick round of fetch will cheer you up! Happy employees help strengthen the team’s dedication to the company and also help grow our fan base via word of mouth and/or social media. Do you have a mascot on your team?

Cherry-9379At Cherry Optical, Inc our doors are always open and we’d like you to take advantage of this policy. We’re excited to keep getting to know our partners better as they are the reasons we are here. Please join us for a tour to see how we have streamlined lens production for your patients. To set up a tour, please reach out to our Customer Service team or utilize our “Contact Us Form”.