"Joe Knows" March Madness Tournament Challenge

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Cherry Optical, Inc's 2017 "Joe Knows" NCAA Bracket - The One You've Been Waiting For! "Joe Knows" Kentucky basketball. Do you know more than Joe? Entry is FREE and Cherry Optical, Inc is handing out prizes to boot!

Joe Cherry was born and raised in Kentucky. When it comes to sports in Kentucky, there are only two; the University of Kentucky Basketball and the Kentucky Derby. Since it's March, we're talking basketball, and Joe knows Kentucky is going to win the NCAA National Championship. The question comes down to - Do you know more than Joe? Think you can beat Joe? Think you can beat everyone? Check our Facebook Page to view Joe's Bracket. It will be posted no later than Thursday 3/16!

All brackets that beat Joe will receive a FREE lunch for you and your coworkers! 1st Place Bracket receives lunch + $100 Gift Card 2nd Place Bracket receives lunch + $50 Gift Card

The rules are pretty simple:

• 1 Bracket per Employee, please use the link below to get yours.

• You can have your family and friends help you, but sorry, they can't submit a bracket.

• Multiple Brackets per location are allowed and encouraged.

• Brackets must be submitted by Thursday, March 16th at 10 AM.

• Submit to fax #: 920-569-2309

And that's, that! Have fun. Now let's see what Joe knows. Brackets are open, get your picks in now!

Click here for a printable bracket.

*Final Four Logo & Bracket are the property of the NCAA.