“Insert Catchy Blue Light Pun Here: ____________”

There is absolutely no doubt that blue light is the buzz of the optical lens industry in 2016. There are now bountiful solutions available to protect your patient’s eyes from nearly all forms of blue light. In true “Cherry Optical, Inc” fashion, we’ve amassed them all and are ready produce virtually every combination of blue light blocking and reflecting lens technology to our leading Independent eye care customers. We call all of these technologies combined; Blue Filter Technology™ (BFT™). Let’s start off with a quick review of the three different solutions available:
Clear Protection – you don’t even know it’s there:
Clear Protection refers to lens materials that provide a solid base-level blue light protection without any residual color or reflection. Currently available materials include plastic (B50), polycarbonate (BLY), 1.60 (B60), 1.67 (B67) and 1.74 (B74). Trivex (B53) is s now available as of February 7th, 2017! Within these materials, there is an expansive variety of designs available including single vision, freeform single vision and freeform progressives. If the blue light craze continues, we believe that ultimately all lenses will simply come standard with this base level protection automatically.
Hued Protection – you can see it:
Hued protection refers to lens materials that provide an increased level of blue light protection over Clear Protection but have residual color in the lens material. Currently, available materials include all Transitions, mid-index BluTech Indoor (H56/BLT) and polycarbonate BluTech Indoor (BLY/BLT). We all are infinitely aware of how Transitions work, but the revelation of their inherent blue light protection is new. BluTech Indoor has been the material that has received the highest reviews from patients that feel they absolutely have issues with blue light and are comfortable with the materials residual color.
Reflection Protection – says it all:
Reflection Protection refers to the myriad of coatings available that reflect part of the blue light spectrum; not allowing it to pass through the lens and into the wearer's eyes. They provide good blue light protection. These coatings are in the family of anti-reflective treatments, but since they do reflect some light they are kind of unique birds. Currently, available treatments include Crizal Prevencia, Hoya Recharge, and Cherry Approved Blue. These coatings can be applied to every lens imaginable. Combining Reflection Protection with Clear Protection increases the blue light protection of both. [caption id="attachment_2606" align="alignleft" width="300"]zeiss-light-spectrum Image Source: Zeiss[/caption] There are, of course, additional options for blue light protection including sun lens and old-school tints that all serve a purpose. But, when it comes to all-day protection, Clear, Hued and Reflection Protection Blue Filter Technologies are going to make up the majority.
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*Updated February 7th, 2017 regarding Trivex SBF.