Going Global

Wendy’s says, “Where’s the beef?” Arby’s says, “We’ve got the meats.” At Cherry Optical, Inc “We have the lenses.” globaloptics_logo-1A major part of manufacturing optical lenses is simply having lenses; and nobody has direct, same-day access to more lenses than Cherry Optical, Inc. As a shareholder of Global Optics, Inc, also located in Green Bay, WI, we have access to the nation’s largest inventory of mixed optical lens products. Our proximity and partnership mean that we can fill over 99% of all orders received with same-day inventory. Inventory in manufacturing is king and having Global Optics in our backyard means nobody out inventories Cherry Optical, Inc. Global Optics, Inc was founded in 1971 with eight laboratories and a handful of small vendors. Now, Global serves laboratories nationwide and has products from 20 vendors. Throughout the years, Global has remained Independent; only Independently owned wholesale optical laboratories can be shareholders of Global Optics, Inc. This business model continues true-to-date and is a proven, successful business strategy as Global remains a major player in the optical lens supply chain market; with a jam-packed 34,000 square-foot distribution center shipping tens of thousands of lenses daily. Cherry Optical, Inc utilizes electronic ordering for every lens we receive from Global Optics. We employ our courier service to pick up our lens orders and deliver them to our laboratory throughout the day. With our on-site inventory of the most popular material and color combinations, this system ensures over 99% of orders received get filled and into production the same day. Our management and access of inventory in conjunction with 24/5 production allows us to deliver the service levels today’s patients expect from their eye care professional. gostock_logoFor eye care professionals that do their edging on-site, www.gostocklenses.com provides direct access to Global’s inventory. GoStock provides live data, pricing and access to all the finished and semi-finished lenses you can dream of. There is no doubt that our business relationship with Global Optics, Inc is a key differentiator of our operations and vital to our continued success as a premier optical laboratory. Feel free to reach out to me (adamcherry@cherryopticalinc.com or 920-469-2559) for more information on our partnership with Global or GoStock.