DYK: Only 19 Locations in the US are Certified by Silhouette Optical?

Cherry Optical, Inc is part of a select group of labs (19 physical locations – not 19 companies) who have completed the Silhouette Advanced Lab Training. Silhouette International, the leader in lightweight, iconic eyewear made in Austria, prides itself on offering outstanding products, service, training, and support to the Eye Care Professional. In addition to providing their technical guides and instructional videos on the Silhouette Portal, Silhouette has also provided advanced training to our team, led by Silhouette’s resident Optician.

Cherry Optical, Inc was considered eligible for the new training program based on meeting the requirements of the necessary equipment and previous performance. The Silhouette program provided advanced training and tools that demonstrate how to work best with Silhouette’s in-line grooves, precision lens cutting and the full array of Silhouette rimless and non-rimless frames. We are required to prove our competencies with the successful glazing of the full range of Silhouette frames and agreed to participate in on-going quality assurance monitoring from Silhouette. While we are not affiliated with Silhouette, Eye Care Professionals now have the option of choosing a trusted lab that has participated in this new comprehensive Silhouette training program.

Silhouette will continue monitoring the glazing of Silhouette frames we produce consistently to meet their highest standards. Any questions on the lens finishing should be directed to adamcherry@cherryopticalinc.com. Cherry Optical, Inc’s skilled opticians are committed to continually improving the complete quality of the product for you and your patients.