New Complimentary Job Request Process - Now Online!

New Complimentary Job Request Process - Now Online!

November 9, 2022

To Our Valued Customers,

Cherry Optical Lab has gained significant product knowledge since our inception in 1999 through our Complimentary Lens Policy. By encouraging our supportive customers to test new products, we can quickly validate marketing claims against real-world feedback from eye care professionals. This product testing program was a significant driver behind our early adoption of now commonplace technologies such as freeform, Trivex lens material, Ultra-Thin 1.74 material, and digital thinning. COL is going to be adapting our process for complimentary order processing to match the larger scale of orders we’re processing and quickly vet new lens performance claims.

In July 2022, we processed close to 1,500 complimentary lens orders for eye care professionals. Annualized, that means we can gain valuable feedback on almost 20,000 orders! That’s huge. To improve this process in a manner that will push innovation, we are going to establish the following procedure for complimentary
order processing:

  1. All complimentary orders will go through an easy approval process.
  2. Head to, scroll to the bottom of the page, hover over “Supportive Customers,” and select Complimentary Order.
  3. Complete the Supportive Customer Complimentary Lens Order Request Form.
  4. Once you submit the form, it will notify your COL Sales Consultant via email, and they will work with you to look through lens options and treatments to produce the best possible outcome using the latest lens technologies.
  5. After working together, your Sales Consultant will provide you with a unique code to use when ordering your complimentary pair of lenses.

Upon completion of your order, your COL Sales Consultant may reach out to you for your feedback. We will offer support materials and training if “new to you” products are utilized, and you feel it would be beneficial to offer the same technology to your patients. We’d also ask that you provide your review of Cherry as well. Reviews on Google and Facebook are valuable and help to spread the word about what we’re up to here in Green Bay.

We look forward to continuing our complimentary order program for our supportive customers. This new procedure will ensure we gain the valuable insight we desire while providing an excellent benefit to leading eye care professionals. Contact me at or 920.712.4558 or contact your COL Sales Consultant with any questions.


Adam Cherry

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to view a downloadable PDF of our: Step By Step Guide on our New Complimentary Order Request Process

NEXT: After reading through the downloadable Step-By-Step Guide, scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the guide to get started!