Cherry Optical Lab + Tom Davies = A Category of One

Cherry Optical Lab + Tom Davies = A Category of One


*As announced by Tom Davies

Tom Davies is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Cherry Optical Lab on our Horn and Precious collections in the US.

Most issues with Horn and Precious frames happen during glazing or shortly after. We know when Cherry Optical Lab glazes our frames that the standard will be appropriate for the type of horn material and the size of the lens will be offset correctly. They know how to gently heat different grades of horn to add and remove lenses.

Cherry Optical Lab can advise you on the Bespoke process. If you call in advance with your prescription, its team of experts will help you decide what base curve the frame should be made from for optimal results. Getting the base curve right can reduce distortion and weight and significantly improve the cosmetic appearance of the frame.

“My Horn and Precious frames bring me immense joy. These delicate materials take special care which is why I’ve partnered with Cherry Optical Lab, one of the best labs in the world, to handle the process. Together, we look forward to bringing the joy of Horn and Precious frames to our US customers.” - Tom Davies, CEO & Founder

”The opportunity for Cherry Optical Lab to partner with Tom Davies has been years in the making. The synergies between our two businesses couldn’t be more on point. “An unparalleled approach to customer service, personalization, and eye health” is a standard issue tagline in eye care. Still, they are the heartbeat of what Tom and I know is needed to succeed in our competitive industries. Now, the time is right to combine the bespoke way our businesses operate to deliver the highest quality and support for luxury and precious materials clientele. We celebrate this partnership and the opportunity to demonstrate the potential of combining two great brands to support premier eye care professionals across the US.” - Adam Cherry, President - Cherry Optical Lab

About Cherry Optical Lab

Founded by Joe and Lynn Cherry in 1999, COL continues to serve you independently under the ownership of its co- founders and current president, Adam Cherry. A leader in innovation, technology, high-quality finished products, tight standards, and skilled artisans, Cherry urges you to try their Lab and “See the Difference.” Their work is backed by an industry-first, no fine print, truly unlimited warranty policy.

About Tom Davies

Created by Tom Davies in London in 2002, the Tom Davies eyewear brand is one of Britain’s leading spectacle brands. Davies’ prestigious handmade brand offers a full bespoke service using the highest quality materials, available from his four stores in London and through a network of optical retailers worldwide. He has designed eyewear for more than a dozen Hollywood movies and his many high-profile customers have included Ed Sheeran, Victoria Beckham and Jake Gyllenhaal.

For more on the Tom Davies brand please contact: +44 (0)20 8392 0562

For more information on Cherry Optical Lab please contact: (920)469-2559 or

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