Cherry Optical Lab Unveils New Branding

Cherry Optical Lab Unveils New Branding


Green Bay, WI - Cherry Optical Lab (COL), a family-owned independent wholesale optical laboratory, is unveiling their new identity. As part of this fresh perspective, you’ll notice an updated logo, tagline, and doing business as name. All of these items are neatly wrapped into their new website,, and will continue to pop up on social media and collateral. Designed by a small team of experts, including two of their own, the visual rebranding, and work on a new website began in February. Work on the site wrapped up in July, and you’ll start to see a gradual transition on their upcoming materials.

“Our goal with the redesign was to ensure we were appealing to the appropriate target audience and make pertinent information more attainable. However, as an extension of the update, we spent time evaluating what the overhaul meant to us and how the rebranding may affect our team and customers. To us, it’s all about focusing on making the world’s best lenses and creating happy people; you’ll see what we mean when you take a look at the new website. To our customers, we’re always interested in what you have to say about our brand and our work; your feedback is invaluable,” said Adam Cherry, Owner and President of Cherry Optical Lab.

COL plans to phase out the old collateral and usher in the new as it’s needed - no haste, no waste. They will continue to run and operate as you’ve always known them, focused on meeting the needs of their customers and the patients: same happy people, same exceptional lenses.
“I’m pleased to share that the results of our rebranding were more than we anticipated. We started by building a customer experience map, evaluated customer personas, and the scenarios they encounter as well as our goals and expectations. In doing so, we gained vital insights, and we’re excited to share some of our newly recognized opportunities with our ECP’s,” shared Adam.

About Cherry Optical Lab

Founded by Joe and Lynn Cherry in 1999, Cherry will continue to serve you independently under the ownership of its co-founders and current president, Adam Cherry. A leader in innovation, technology, high-quality finished products, tight standards, and skilled artisans, Cherry urges you to try their lab for yourself to “See the Difference.” Their work is backed by an industry-first no-fine print, truly unlimited warranty policy.


Adam Cherry - President
Cherry Optical Lab
(920) 469-2559