Cherry Expands Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy

Cherry Expands Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy

In 2014 Cherry Optical, Inc became the first wholesale optical laboratory to offer a Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy. This new policy was designed to simplify the handling of lens replacements and ensure our Independent eye care customers have the tools they need to deliver the outstanding service their patients expect. We are pleased to report the policy has been a total success. Furthermore, we are expanding the offering to make sure we are fully supporting those that support us.

There is no doubt that the times, they are changing. Vision insurance plans continue to slash their way through Independent eye care. These “vision insurance companies” are bringing in immense profits for themselves while many privately owned eye care businesses struggle to make heads-or-tails of all the convoluted plans. Recently, major vision plans have joined forces with large corporate optical laboratories to produce greater profits for themselves by further controlling pricing, manufacturing, and distribution. This evolution has created policy changes that are detrimental to Independent eye care by shortening warranty time-frames and reducing the number of replacements for patients with these vision plans. The support, quality and service levels provided by vision plan contract laboratories do not always match-up to what Cherry Optical, Inc customers are accustomed to. These can be major issues as “insured patients” will place the blame on you; the provider, not the vision plan when a product is not delivered or does not perform as promised.

It is with this in mind that Cherry Optical, Inc is expanding our exclusive Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy to include lenses made by other laboratories, when needed; including vision plan laboratories. Consider us your bail-out or problem-solver when you’re just trying to help your patient. No longer will you have to tell a patient, “No” when a vision plan limits your ability to satisfy their expectations. No longer will you be restricted by time, frequency or reason.

If you feel a replacement is needed, Cherry Optical, Inc trusts your professional judgment and will replace lenses at no charge; no questions asked, no matter who initially made the lenses. Simply let us know the order was originally ordered through a different laboratory and we’ll do the rest.

There is certainly nothing wrong with success and profits, but we feel that growing together through mutual support and understanding is the best way to grow. While vision plan providers have their hands in your wallets, you can rest assured Cherry Optical, Inc will always have your back. We believe in the future of Independent eye care, and we are here to support those that support us in all ways we can.

We've added more to our policy to ensure it's all-encompassing. Learn about the addition here!