Changed Focus- Written by and in Memory of our Bird Loving Friend, Kimberly Pearson.


Ever since I was twelve years old, I've been reading Vogue magazine. I tell you this to establish the fact that from a young age I have been obsessed with fashion.

I have always understood the benefit of having multiple pairs of eyewear. I love to match my eyewear to my outfit. I just recently got a Valentino frame, embellished with lace accents, that I am planning to match with a really cool pair of lace pumps. Or how about the new "geek chic" pair I got in brushed gold that compliments the gold thread running through a favorite scarf of mine?

I almost squealed with delight when I laid eyes on one of my favorite pairs from Fendi, it's clear with glitter inside the ZYL. I don't know how they do that, but it's sooooo cool!!

Anyway, these days I actually need my glasses much more. As my eyes are getting old like the rest of me, I have come to appreciate all the more the idea of having multiple pairs.

I have a very active life and would never be willing to compromise my eyesight by having just one pair of glasses. I wear the new Independence HD in several of my pairs while just doing normal ever y day activities. These are great, by the way, and for me feel like single vision.

When it comes time to designing and creating my own jewelry, I sit at my workspace and put on a pair of eyeRelax HD lenses. I'm in love with those too, since they really do the trick for "up-close" work while allowing me to look at my entire desk, which is full of beads.

At the end of a full day, I finally love to unwind by either reading or reclining to watch a little T.V. Having separate pairs for these things is really helpful too.

The bottom line is that I still see the need for multiple pairs of glasses. I'm a fashionista for life and will always be in search of that perfect pair that matches a favorite skirt, or maybe even a cool vintage bracelet, or even a shade of lipstick.

But now, I am enjoying my multiple pairs for clear high definition vision. They help me to stay "in focus" all throughout the day no matter what I am doing.


Image by David A Mitchell