Celebrating 10 Year Truly-Unlimited Warranty Policy

Celebrating 10 Year Truly-Unlimited Warranty Policy

The Truly-Unlimited Warranty: A Decade of Assurance

In 2014, Cherry introduced the Truly-Unlimited Warranty Policy, setting a new standard in the eyewear industry. From the beginning, our competitors said it was a gimmick and that it could not be done. Our no-fine-print offer makes doing business together easier and happier. This radical initiative was a testament to our confidence in the quality of our products and our desire to simplify the lives of our customers. This unique warranty policy is a promise and a commitment to our customers, setting us apart from the rest.

Our commitment to customer care and support created a hassle-free, limitless, and timeless warranty, but that wasn’t enough. We wanted to give even more support. Why? More and more, major vision plans have joined forces with crazy-large corporate optical conglomerates to yield greater earnings for themselves by controlling pricing, manufacturing, and profit through consolidation. This evolution has created policy changes detrimental to Independent eye care’s legacy of success. The support, quality, and service levels many contract laboratories provide do not always match what Cherry customers are accustomed to for their private pay patients. Combined, these controls and changes have caused significant problems as “insured patients” blame you, the provider, not the vision plan, when a product is not delivered or does not perform as promised.

With this in mind, in 2016, COL expanded our exclusive Truly-Unlimited, No-Fine-Print Warranty Policy to include lenses made by other laboratories, including vision plan laboratories, when needed. We aimed to eliminate the need to tell a patient “No” when a vision plan limits your ability to satisfy their expectations. You're no longer restricted by time, frequency, or reason when you work with us. Plain and simple, if you feel a replacement is needed, COL trusts your professional judgment and will replace lenses at no charge, no matter who initially made the lenses. This policy is designed to give you the reassurance and confidence you need to deliver the best care to your patients.

As if this wasn’t enough, in 2021, we amplified the policy further by providing 100% credit on orders canceled before completion; we believe anything else would be uncivilized. We want to equip you, the independent eye care provider, with the tools to provide your patients with the outstanding service they can only find at an Independent practitioner. Our Truly Unlimited No-Fine-Print Warranty Policy gives you the protection you need to ensure every patient is 100% satisfied with their eyeglass purchase.

We firmly believe in the future of Independent eye care and are here to support those who support us. Have an issue? We’ve got your back! Please let us know what you need to succeed by contacting your local Sales Consultant or our Customer Care team.

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