Beyond the Reflection - Get to Know Ryan Our AR Operations Manager

INTRODUCING: Ryan Vande Walle

  • Director of Anti-Reflective Coating Operations
  • Years with Cherry Optical, Inc: 7 years
  • Job-Related Certifications: ABO Certified

What do you do for Cherry Optical, Inc?

I apply the anti-reflective coating on the lenses. Basically, after being given surfaced lenses, my team and I clean them and use multiple machines to adhere a backside scratch coating and anti-reflective coating to them.

How did you become interested in the optical industry?

When I was 19, I suffered a serious eye injury that required many visits to the eye doctor. It was during these trips to the doctor that I became fascinated with the working of the human eye.

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

I enjoy helping the company grow and seeing how much it’s advanced from when I started here.

What makes Cherry Optical, Inc different from other optical laboratories?

Cherry Optical, Inc sets higher standards than most optical labs – especially when it comes to technology, air quality and cleanliness within our anti-reflective coating facility.

What are your biggest challenges in your position?

It’s challenging to get the timing of everything correct and follow the exact procedures Essilor put in place for the Crizal anti-reflective coating. With all of the research Essilor has done, it’s vital we follow the processes precisely to ensure our lens quality is above and beyond the clients’ expectations.

What do enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy watching sports (specifically Brewers baseball), fishing, and camping.

What music are you embarrassed to like?

1992 rap

What celebrity or historical figure wears or has worn glasses best?

Ozzy Osbourne

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