The development we are undertaking provides significant improvements to Cherry Optical Lab’s ability to service our customers. While we believe we do a great job currently, our investments will take us to a new level of capacity and efficiency, therefore, positioning COL as one of the most technologically-enabled laboratories entering the 2020’s. There are four components of the expansion happening simultaneously:


This addition is the biggest and the most critical project for development in all aspects of COL production. The increased space will make room for additional digital-surfacing equipment, edging equipment, expanded on-site inventory, bench-and-assembly stations, inspection systems, and customer service.


COL is continuing our partnership with SCHNEIDER Optical Machines. In late 2019, we finalized expansion plans to include an added 1 x CCU MODULO (automated blocker), 1 x HSC MODULO XTS (generator), 2 x CCP MODULO S (automated polishers), 1 x DBA MODULO (automated blocker), and 1 x CCL MODULO (automated laser marking system). These machines will supplement our current 2 x HSC MODULO XTS, 1 x HSC MODULO XT, 1 x CCL MODULO, 4 x CCP Swift, 1 x DBA MODULO, and 1 x TSA MODULO utilizing SCHNEIDER’s MODULO Line manufacturing system. The added equipment and automation will spread out over the majority of the new extension and deliver significantly improved efficiency and almost triple our jobs per hour capability.


In the past 12-months, we have been expanding our coating facility to include the addition of Essilor’s D645 Dip-Coating line, Quantum Innovation’s Fusion M, and Satisloh 1200-DLX. Added to our current 2 x Leybold Boxers, these updates have boosted our throughput while also increasing on-site manufacturing capability. Our continued partnership with Essilor, while remaining 100% independently-owned and operated, has Cherry positioned to produce current and future versions of Crizal ARs. The Fusion M allows us to provide custom mirror coatings on-site, and the Satisloh 1200 will more than double our capacity and speed.


If there was one area where we were running into capacity issues, it was finish production. With our investment in SCHNEIDER’s HSE MODULO mill-ing technology, we are testing the waters to determine if the recently released HSE MODULO QS is our next investment in the coming months. The HSE and HSE QS would provide a previously unimaginable increase in jobs per hour without sacrificing our ability to customize the beveling needed to deliver outstanding cosmetic and functional fitment. The equipment is excellent, but the lack of space hindered our ability to overlap our exceptional day and night finish production teams. The added area provides the opportunity for a significantly increased day crew and will deliver even better service levels to our customers.


The Wisconsin State Motto is “Forward,” and that is what Cherry Optical Lab is doing. Leading through the past three months, against a previously unimaginable headwind, has made ‘forward’ a bit more daunting. Still, it hasn’t stopped our determination to improve, succeed, and show how happy people make better lenses.

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