Aiming for Fun & Education at the WOA Convention

Preparing for a tradeshow can be a lot of work. Sometimes, the logistics and planning involved can be cumbersome, however this is not the case at Cherry Optical, Inc. We usually start with reviewing what we have done in the past and building off of our successes. Where we're concerned, no idea is off-limits.

The aformentioned mentality ultimately brings about a certain amount of humor and good natured fun. In this case, we bought NERF guns to allow convention attendees to gain hands on experience with one of our featured products, Clemit's ScopeAid. As some of you may have already seen on our Facebook Page, during our "product testing" things got heated pretty quickly. Although there are still varying opinions on who is the best shot, it has been sucessfully determined that ScopeAid does indeed fit any scope - including NERF guns.

Be sure to swing by the Cherry Optical, Inc booth for your opportunity to play while learning about ScopeAid. Don't worry, we created targets for you to aim at. It just seemed safer that way. ;)