Tinting at Cherry Optical, Inc - Pt. 3

Tinting at Cherry Optical, Inc - Pt. 3


With so many options available in our tinting department, here are the basics that will get you through adding a tint to your order. With any tint, we need to have the color, density and style information provided. Color can be entered as the number on our Cherry Optical, Inc Tint Chart or description (see our previous post for the chart). We also very commonly match samples provided by the patient or your office.

We decipher density with a number or percentage of tint absorption. Grey 1, being very light, Grey 2 being medium (not light and not dark), and Grey 3 being sunglass or darkest tint available. Percentages on the order are as follows. Grey 10% being a fashion color or light color can also be referred to as a wash tint. Grey 50% would be medium and Grey 80% and higher would be darkest possible.

The style of the tint order is described as solid, gradient, double gradient, triple gradient and blackout. A solid tint is where the entire lens has a color of the same density. Solid Grey 1, would be a light grey over the entire lens, top to bottom. Gradient tints are darkest at the top and fade to the bottom of the lens, which would be light. Double Gradient would be the dark color on the top fading down to a lighter color that is different than the top color, (two colors). Triple Gradient would be a specialty tint, which usually consists of a blue top, purple middle, and pink bottom, all the same density. A blackout lens is where someone would like one of his or her lenses totally blacked out so no light will transmit through the lens.

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