Tinting at Cherry Optical, Inc - Pt. 1

Tinting at Cherry Optical, Inc - Pt. 1


At Cherry Optical, Inc we have a wide range of lens options available for your patients when it comes to tinting. We are able to tint practically any material you order, but keep in mind some materials are not practical in every situation. Here are some tips that may help you convey the message when deciding what option to use on your order. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact us directly at (920) 469-2559.

If a patient would like a dark tint of any sort, be it solid or gradient, it is best to order a Trivex or plastic (CR-39) material. These materials readily absorb tints very well and the darkest tints can be achieved with these products. When dealing with High Index or Polycarbonate lens materials, however, tints should be limited to medium and/or light fashion tinting due to their hardcoat making them less absorbent.

Cherry Optical, Inc also has the ability to tint over polarized lenses, either to make them darker or to add a gradient tint over the top. Our suggestion on these special orders would be to start your order with a Grey A lens, no matter what color you are trying to achieve. It is possible to add color but not change the existing color of the polarized lens.

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